End of month invoicing dragging on?

Get your property management mojo back with Tapi.

Process invoices quicker

When a work order is done, let your supplier email the invoice to a Tapi email address. Tapi will automagically pick up the invoice and add it to the work order, ready for you to approve. No fuss!

Connect with Palace

Tapi connects with your favourite trust accounting software so as soon as you approve an invoice, it will show up in both your supplier and property diaries. The invoice also shows up approved ready for your end of month!

Supplier Friendly

Your suppliers don't have to sign up, sign in or upload any forms. Tapi makes it super easy for them to get on with their job. And if the supplier sends you the invoice by accident, you can simply forward it to the tapi email address for processing!

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Get your mojo back with Tapi.

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